Our Mission

JAZZSPACE is an emerging artists program dedicated to the professional and personal development of the next generations of Pittsburgh’s jazz giants through mentorship, professional training, performance and a cooperative residential/studio space embedded within a vibrantly diverse community.

Our Vision

JAZZSPACE promotes the growth and development of emerging jazz artists through financial support, mentorship and professional advice, and performance opportunities. Residents are selected by way of a competitive, juried application process.

The Ultimate Goal: program expands to include a combined residential and performance space where residents subsidize their housing costs by donating time and talent to events occurring at and with JAZZSPACE, including community performances and workshops. In addition, residents will have priority access to state-of-the-art rehearsal/performance space, recording/sound equipment, and multimedia workstations.  A one-to-one mentoring program gives each resident direct access to Jazz Masters in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Secondary use of JAZZSPACE would be given to other jazz constituencies, arts-related initiatives, and other community initiatives.

The result is a “space for jazz,” that is, the multi-generational and vibrantly diverse community exchange of both music and support.

Our Values

  • We believe God ultimately created jazz as a reflection of His love for pure community—dynamic communication, celebration of diversity, and preservation of the whole group. We want to love jazz musicians as He does, supporting them in both direct and indirect ways.
  • We partner with artists to develop highly successful, healthy musicians who exhibit integrity and maturity as much as they exhibit excellent musical talent.
  • We provide opportunities for artists in the program to give directly back to the communities that support them.
  • We celebrate the treasured legacy of Pittsburgh Jazz while we help create its identity in the new century.
  • We believe in maintaining the highest musical standards, creativity and innovation at every level of programming.


Get Involved

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